Sunday, 1 January 2012

Tall Ships - Day 2

Im so use to seeing small yachts and boats in the Haven
but I have never seen Tall Ships docked at the pier before.
Today was the day everybody had been waiting and preparing for, Today was the day when our barter ship the 'Sorlandet' came to our shores letting a piece of history come to life. For months leading up to this, islanders and obs staff were making Traditional Fair Isle Keps to be bartered off to the crew in exchange for goods which would come to use. Back in the early days when being remote was true to its word, with no computers, radios, TV's, etc....when islanders had to live on what they produced from there crofts.......passing ships were there only chance to trade for vauable goods. Both parties had it good, The Sea farers loved the keps which kept them very warm when out on there voyages at sea while the islanders loved the Whiskey which helped kept them warm on cold winter nights.

You can just see the Sorlandet out at sea.
The ship its self was to big to enter the haven so it sailed
down to the South Habour

An onlooker watches on as the ship drops its anchor

As the ship is too big to Dock!
 The only way the crew can come onto land is on small yoals

A crowd gathers to admire the Ship

They finally made it to land after a couple of hours waiting for the tides to be right.

BBC's Coast team followed the story

Lise Sinclair with a basket full of Keps

Mr Crane looking at the hats.......I wonder if he bartered for one?

BBC's Coast Team interviewing Henry and lisa the Fair isle Teacher

 Ann, Lise and Lowri proudly showing there keps

Nicholas Crane
BBC Coast presenter
The afternoon finnished of with a football match at south light........FAIR ISLE verses THE REST OF THE WORLD.......Im not to sure who won....followed by  more musical enterntainment up back at the havens, Im pretty sure, everybody really enjoyed them selfs. I would like to thank everybody for a fantastic two days.

The end the post I would like to say that one of the crew members of a ship pulled me to one side and said "This is by far the best port we have been to on this journey and the Hospitallity has been incrediable"

Congratulations on such a epic two days of celebrations.

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  1. you have some good shots... I'm sending a link to Anne Sinclair