Tuesday, 29 March 2011

From 286,886 people to just 65!

In just Two weeks time, I will be swapping my home from a  busy town to a small remote island just south of Shetland.

From This

 To this

Im heading up to Fair Isle working at the world famous bird observatory. Founded in 1958, it was the brain child of George Waterson which he dream't up while he was in a prisoner  of war camp. Run by a small charitable trust, it is still going strong after 60 years!

The new Fair isle Bird Observatory situated in Maver's Cup.

Home to hundreds of thousands of seabirds in the summer
 including the
Commical Puffin to the mighty Great skua.

Fair isle is also world known for its famous Knitwear.

Close encounters with Killer Whales.

Panoramic view from Ward Hill (highest point) to the south of the island.

This is just a taster of whats to come during the course of my stay this season.

For more information about Fair isle Bird Observatory and Fair isle, Please click on the links below:

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