Monday, 28 March 2011

Big Softy

The Spotty Hound was very quiet so I went to investigate to see what he was up.

and this is what I found:

We've had Chester since he was a puppy at eleven weeks and now he is just under Three. He can be a very bouncy boy obsessed with snow, Somehow he must think he is a Husky rather then a breed that comes from a hot region. Chester loves people  and his a very playful dog. A few of his favourite past times is to relax in the sun and play mental stimulation games like search & rescue for treats and toys.
The 1st Day we got him

8 months old

1st Birthday

Relaxing in the Sun

Loving the snow

Being a Pointer!

Best Buddies........The cat defintley rules the roost!

I could not ask for a better dog........He is certainly a man's best friend!!


  1. Aww Bex, matching pets !!

    He's one good looking spotty boy

    Ange )

  2. He is a lovely Dog but the cat has a Jekyl and hyde

    We do make quite a sight when the cat decides to come for a walk with us - it does get peoples heads turning!!

    With the matching pets, I did go has far has having Dalmation Mollies (tropical fish)!