Sunday, 19 June 2011

A nice selection of Warblers and a visiting Bat

Its been quite an enjoyable couple of weeks where the wildlife encounters have been amazing. The heligoland traps has been pulling out some pretty neat birds including a bright Wood Warbler, Marsh Warbler, Bluethroat and a male Crossbill.
Wood Warbler

Marsh Warbler
Birding wise has been good too with a few scarce birds here and there with the highlight being  a few of us going on a small twitch to the Haa to see the islands 42nd ever Greenish Warbler and a nice looking Icterine Warbler both in the same bush together. A female Woodchat Shrike turned up at field giving quality views to the small group of staff and guests. Up to four Crossbills with two Siskins spent one evening flying around the gully trying to find a place to roost.

One day after tea, Jason came back with a Oystercatcher with its legs very tangled up with sheeps wool. The wader could not fly and was very underweight. With a lot of patience, Both Rob (RSPB seabird reseacher) and Jason managed to take all of the wool where we then took it back down to Lower Stoneybreck where it was rescued. I then released it of which the Oystercatcher did a little call then ran all the way to the other end of the field to be with its mate. We have given it a better chance of survival so hopefully it can go about its daily ritual without getting tangled up again.

One the way back, we just stopped by the plantation to find four Collared Doves roosting in the trees but the most unexpected find was to see a small Bat flying around the traps before heading up the vadaal stream hunting for insects. Bats are very rare for Fair Isle and out of the 12 years I have been coming here, This was the first time I have ever encountered one on the isle. After all, 2011 is the year of the bat. 'YoB' is a global campaign to promote conservation, research and education about the world's only flying mammals. For More information, please click on the link:

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