Friday, 30 December 2011

A Grand Opening

At the beginning of July, Fair Isle Bird Obsvertory started of with its official grand opening of the brand new £4 million building. Alot of work was put into it to make the weekend run smoothly by alot of people. As I was on the catering side, I had to do alot of the baking for over 130 guests which included some VIPs. Past Wardens, Administrators, Directors, Researchers, National Trust for Scotland, BTO, RSPB, the islanders and the well Known ornithologist Roy Dennis MBE.

Photograph copyright - Carrie Marrel Gunn
Just a small selection of the baking which included:
Key Lime Pie and Haven Slice - Both my signature Bakes
Fair isle peat, Scones, tea loafs, Sticky Ginger Bread etc.
The Old observatory but was not the first building to be built.
(Photograph taken in 2006)

The Brand new observatory building
(Photograph taken in 2010)
Being apart of Fair Isle Bird Observatory and the island its self has been a life changing experience, When im there, I learn new skills, My confidence grows and I make new friends. Next year will be my 10th time and I will be celebrating a big birthday of mine in the Autumn.  You can see from my previous posts that its a truely Magnificent Island and its well worth of visit. If it was not for George Waterson who dreamt up of an Observatory over 60 years ago, I wonder where I will be today?

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 information about the opening please click on the links below:

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