Friday, 8 April 2011

Rocky Day Out

On Mother's Day, the whole family decided to go to Brimham Rocks, a National Trust Reserve in North Yorkshire. The day brought back alot of memories as I was last there when I was a kid over 15 years ago, It seemed so surreal taking my young niece and nephews to such a wonderful and exciting place seeing them climbing and enjoying themselves like I did when I was that age.

The site its self has unique collection of strange and incredible rock formations which makes a great day out for all the family whether you are big or small, old or young, novice climber to the expert. 

 If you just want to enjoy the the fresh air and the wonderful views over Nidderdale.
The rocks come in all shapes and sizes in a manner of all montrosities. 
Could this be T-Rex?
You just need to let your imagination run wild!
Some rocks are said to have associations with Druids,
Mother Shipton and even the devil himself.
A rock sprouting out a tree or two!
A leap of Joy!
Well worth a visit

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