Thursday, 21 July 2011

The Greater Art of Stalking.......without success!

Every summer, The small rabbit colony outside the observatory often produces alot of baby rabbits. This in turn provides rich pickings for the local Gulls and Skua's. Every few days, A Greater Black Backed Gull visits to colony to see whats on the menu. Below is a series of Photographs (record shots) of the avian predator attempting to get its meal but in the end the young Rabbits gets the last laugh when the adult steps in.

Checking out its potential meal

You can tell the Gull is still a amature at stalking

And the chase is on.......

The adult rabbit has just clocked what is going on

And steps in to save the day leaving the Gull go hungry for another night
Will the Greater Black Backed Gull get its this space to find out!!

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