Thursday, 21 July 2011

What a Whale of a Time!!

At the end of June, Fair Isle  got visited by a pod of 8 Orca's AKA Killer Whales which put on an amazing performance for all islanders, staff, researchers and observatory guests. As everyone sat down for lunch, Susannah came running through to the dining room to say "Sorry this is an inconvienient time but there is a Pod of Killer whales up at Wirvie", I have never seen the observatory emty so fast, Not even for a rare bird.

The Bull
 These exceptional visitors even made it on to several news articals where they used my photo below.
Two extremely lucky observers watching the Bull below
Shetland and Fair Isle waters are no stranger to these magnificent creatures as we have a few pods summering each year. The best time to see them is May, June and July but I have seen them as late as October. Every eccounter is just as spectactular as the first as you can see from the next two photo's from 2005.
A pod of four consisted of 2 cows, 1 calf and a bull.

Showing how close they come in.
Who needs to go abroad to see whales when you can see them just as good in the UK!

Below are the links to just some of the very interesting news bulletins including some fasinating accounts of such an magical encounter:

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