Thursday, 21 July 2011

The Invasion of Cruise shippers

Every year Fair Isle gets between 12-18 cruise ships visiting the island where we have a range of activities which they can experience. From standing with Puffins to learning about the History of Fair Isle at the Museum, From checking out Traditional Knitware and admiring the the local stores to treating yourself to delicous homebakes.

The Spirit of Adventure - The biggest cruise ship which we have visiting

The National Geographic anchoring just north of the Observatory

They come ashore on small boats and ribs (inflatables)

Before a FIBO member of staff takes them on a guided walk to see.....

Loads of Puffins

Shetland name: Tammy Norie

The Museum
The Museum use to be the village hall where they had there traditional dances. The building is very small so only half of the islanders could fit nt. They had to dance in shifts so one half stayed outside while the other half danced inside, And when it got to hot and vice versa, They swapped around. At least we dont have to to that now has the new hall is not as small.
After there encounters with Puffins, they come to the hall to endulge on scrumptious homebakes

and to buy their Fair isle Knitware

They can always check out The FIBO stall where they can buy gifts for their families

Before having one last look at the Puffins

By the end of their visit, they head back to the ship where it is set in a spectacular setting.

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