Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Carrie the 'Birdie' Ranger finally arrives for her second Season.

Once again, I got a knock on the door to say that there is a Common Buzzard soaring over Buness with several gulls. I did not even have to get out of bed for it as I only opened my window and there it was! My second for the island and a good bredroom window tick. As I woke myself up, another knock on the door, and it was lovely Lyndsey with a Bacon/Mushroom Sandwich and a strong coffee.....Brekkie in bed, a very welcome surprise but I did not even have time to finnish it as I got a text to say a White Tailed Sea Eagle had just left North Ronaldsay (Orkney) and its headed towards us. Bins and my camera ready. I was not going to miss this magificent bird for the world as I have dipped on quite a few. I got a lift up to the plantation where I met Will, We marched half way up Hill Dyke to meet Roger (FIBO Chairman) so we could have a clear view of the south of the island. We had a lookout on the high cliffs of Hoini with  several more eyes scattered around the island so when it does turn up it will not evade us. The excitment was high but after 30 minutes, there was no sign of it, A quick phone call to North Ron mentioned that the bird departed very high with Gulls in hot persuit, After a few minutes, the Gulls came back down while the eagle continued to go north going higher and higher to a point you can no longer see it. Once again, this species  has evaded me but I can only hope that one day, an eagle would turn up.

As everybody went back for lunch, I decided to stay out and headed towards Hoini where I had just a single Swallow fly pass and several Northern Wheatears displaying, Apart from the chill in the wind, its feels like Spring is finally here with the glorious sunshine. A look down the dramatic cliffs saw over a hundred Grey Seals sheltering on the beach from the swell which is a lovely sight in its self!
Grey Seals
After a nice walk down to the shop to get myself something to eat, I then headed back up to the Airstip to wave off Roger and his lovely wife Agnes who are always a pleasure to meet.

Our final staff member was also returning on the flight in. Carrrie, after spending the last 6 weeks in the Seychelles makes the staffing almost complete but all we need now is a Cook- please check on the Fair isle bird Observatory website for more details.

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