Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Collared Flycatcher - Thanks Jason!!

The day started off with fantastic weather with glorious sunshine, It was ideal just to be out and about, But I was in the kitchen making various homebakes which included my first attempt of making peanut butter cookies of the season. As the mixer was on, Susannah came running in to the kitchen to say there is  Collared Flycatcher on the cliffs of Hoini, My heart had stopped as this was a lifer (a species I have never seen before) so I checked with Chris to see if I could go and twitch it and thankyou to his kind nature, he said YES! I swapped the kitchen tools for my binoculars and dived in the minibus while putting on my walking boots in record time. We parked up at the chalet and  hiked over fields and styles to begin the small climb up the hill to the top of the cliff. After several puffs on the inhaler, I made it to the top hoping it was still there. Thankfully, Jason stayed with the bird until everybody got to see it. A STUNNING MALE, Fantastic! We watched it for around 20 mins catching little insects  in its spectacular cliff top setting. We got excellent views so everybody headed back down to the chalet in order to get a lift back to the observatory where I eventually made the biscuits.

In the evening, The Fair Isle Hall was one of the venues of the Shetland Folk Festival, A great time was had by all. Musicans form Shetland, Orkney, Western Isles and Dundee stunned the audience with there talented voices and intrument playing. It was followed by the island tradition of scottish dancing which  got most people up strutting there stuff. There is always a few who try to hide when it comes to dancing, My excuse was I had to help check a ewe waiting to lamb, lock up the pigs and feed some caddy lambs with Hollie. It was a amazing evening and a chance to let our hair down for the staff and and researchers before the observatory's first guess's arrives.
A Burkle Caddy Lamb - named after a Celtic footballer

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