Tuesday, 3 May 2011

A Close encounter of the Seal kind and singing Willow Warblers

After breakfast, Johan 'Starling researcher' came running up the road to with a big bird bag, Instead of catching Starlings in the crow trap, He came back with a jet black Carrion Crow, A new ringing tick for him and the first time I have seen this species in the hand, This stroppy female stayed around the Obs and Buness for the rest of the day.
From baking all morning making soft Bread, Tea Loafs, Short Bread and  Sticky Ginger Cake, I headed straight out after Lunch to the Havens and Buness just a short walk away from the observatory.  I found the 1st Common Tern of the year as it dived and fed on Lesser Sand Eels.

Hopefully this main food source will be plentyful this year so the seabirds will have a very good breeding season.

Record shot of Lesser Sand Eels
A male Common Scoter fed in the entrance of the harbour while a female Goldeneye fed close by the white sandy beach. The Ringed Plover was joined by a second as a pair of Oystercatcher's continued to make there presence known though there high pitched calls. I continued up onto Buness taking  notes of any birds just incase David could not make it on there to finnish his census, Just on the other side of Buness, A Common Seal was having a good jolly relax on the Rocks at the bottom, It was a very photogenic Seal as you will be able to see from the picture below.

Headed down from Buness to the Pier as I watched a Willow Warbler feed on the cliffs around the Good Shepherd. In the full sunshine, This lovely warbler bursted in to song, This is one of my favourite songs of alll time and will certainly brighten up anybodies day!

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