Sunday, 24 April 2011

Bluethroat - but what race

The day started of  just like any other day, The boys did there morning traps and caught the usual supects (Wheatears, Chiffchaffs, etc). Susannah sorted breakfast out for all of us while I got the Homemade bread on the go and worked out what we needed doing for lunch. By 9am, the Wardens headed out on their daily census (a bird survey covering every part of the island). By mid morning David, had 4 Barnacle geese heading south over the island which was a year tick, At this point they were the highlight of the day as their was nothing else to report. But before lunch  Will checked the traps on the way back from census an caught a nice suprise.....a female Bluethroat!
Bluethroats are no strangers to the island, As several (of the Red spotted race) pass through every year usally from the May onwards. It was quite interesting to catch a female in mid -april most certainly of the white spot race,  which is the much rarer of the two. With it being a female, it is impossible to identify the race and the biometrics fell in the range of the two. When it comes to spring migration, we expect males to make there journey first so they can get the best territory on there breeding grounds. If this was a Red Spot, it would of been a male but because its s female, we believe it to be a White spotted as they migrate about a month earlier then its Red spotted. But has always, Bluethroats are always nice to see.

Other News

After Lunch, I got dropped off down at south harbour and headed around the south west cliffs on a lovely warm sunny day. Caught up with the Iceland Gull at the base of Malcoms head and spotted a male Red Breasted Merganser on the sea. I continued up the west side and accidently flushed an entire cliff full of Fulmars (100+ birds) which was quite a sight in its self.

As the afternoon progressed, with newly born lambs skipping up and down the fields, It felt like I never been away.

I had a walk around Sukka Mire just as the Great Skua's were staking out there Territories & flashing there white wing patches as others fly pass. It was a just a lovely day!

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