Sunday, 24 April 2011

Mammoth (13 hour) day in the Kitchen

The day started off well when a beautiful spring male Redstart was caught on the early trap round which then fed around the Obs plantation for the rest of the day.
The morning was spent in the kitchen making 70 yummy Banana and Sultana Scones and 4 big loafs of bread to go along with my homemade white bean & leak soup with a herby butter followed by Baked Tatties and delicous chocolate chip cookies. All this was done before lunch and was very appreciated by the rest of the Staff. 

The afternoon saw the Observatory being invaded by three starling researchers along with more staff, Assistant Cook Chris and his partner 'General Assistant' Lyndsay. A quick welcome and a nice cuppa strong coffee later, I was back in the kitchen making tonights pudding, A scummy apricot jam pud with custard, A hugh hit with the AW's and researchers. Then a quick sort out of the fridges just in time for one of the biggest food orders in history to arrive.

Just as we were about to serve dinner, The boys brought back a nice looking Tree pipit..Only the second one I have seen in the hand and my 1st (in the hand) since 2004. That was defintley a nice ending to a tiring day!

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