Sunday, 24 April 2011

Twitching a Coot - Whatever Next?

After having glorious sunshine for the last few days, it was an unwelcome change to have fog for the whole day. The day started of quite bizarre, as Jason and JHMF volunteer Joe caught a Moorhen in the Gully on there way out to do census.
They brought it back to the obs where they met Will, Seeing Will holding the Moorhen sent me back to spring 2006 where this was the last time I saw this species in the hand and to be with the same ringer was quite strange.
Will with Moorhen in April 2006

Will with Moorhen in 2011

Maybe Birdwise this could be a repeat of 2006 which involved 2 first's for Britian and a very good supporting cast such as Lanceolated warbler, two Black Throated Thrushes, Olive Backed Pipit, etc......We just have to wait and see!!

I got the afternoon off, and headed off to the SE to have a quick scout around, I had just put a different lens on my camera which I had fun experimenting with it. Then I got a phone call from Hollie to say she can see me on the Rippack and I should come and see her 4 brand new Piglets which came on the boat the day before. After a nice short walk to Burkle, I found myself being introduced to Spot, Wilbur, ?. ? .

I thought one of them should be called Chops but that idea did not go down to well.

I got a lift back to the obs only to be told there is a Coot on Da Water, It sunk in that I needed Coot for my Fair isle List so straight after Dinner, I went down to twitch it successfully bringing my Fair isle List to a whopping 237 species. This one species I never thought of twitching especially when I have seen hundreds (maybe even thousands) back on mainland Britian.

As I was on a role, I quickly Marched up to Golden Water as the light was fading to tick of the lonely Whooper Swan which has been around for a few days, and also the Male Scaup which had being keeping it company for most of the day.

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