Monday, 18 April 2011

Island Catch up - Shaw Style

After being whisked away from the pier (because of the Traumatic boat experience), I did not time to have a proper catch up with people. So I managed to be released from the observatory for the day to catch up with folk and to see the island for the 1st time this season. The boys had just gone on there census checking the heligoland traps on there way out, I managed to catch up with them as they were just coming out of the plantation with quite a few birds. Wheatears, Dunnocks and Chiffchaffs provided interesting discussions about there moult. Trapping  quite a few birds gave us false hope that there could be birds in as I got as far as the Upper Stoney Breck and had only a Wood Pigeon to add to my notebook. I knew I would not have time to call in at every croft  so I headed to the Stackhoull Shop/Post office as this is usally the place to see several crofters at once. After 10 minutes or so, I headed over to Burkle to have a good old catch up the with Hollie and Deryk Shaw (My ex- FIBO bosses - now Crofters & Friends). On approaching there driveway, I got greeted by their lovely Collie (Lubo) and Deryk who was just keeping and eye on a ewe that had just given birth to a very big lamb.
I Just about to start a nice cuppa tea before I got kicked out of  the house to help Del make a small fence at Quoy, I soon relised there is always loads of work to do when running a croft so any help is always appreciated. No doubt they will have be shearing sheep at some point (hint).
After doing a little bit of helping out, A new cuppa was in order followed by lunch, Burkles' egg and cheese toasty. Always a big hit with observatory staff, then I sampled one off her home made cookies of which no doubt the recipe will make its way to the FIBO kitchen.

I then got a quick tour of the garden and croft to see Munter (Texel Ram and proud dad of many Burkle lambs), A coup full of chickens and the little lamb that was born earlier. Before long it was home time, I met Will and headed to the plantation and vadaal only to catch the interesting Chiffchaff from the morning.
By evening, Several of us went for a walk up to Roskillie to watch Puffins coming in to check out there potential nest Burrows. We were not the only ones to watch as a few Great Skuas were eying up their potental meal. Before long we were surrounded by 50 or so Puffins, watching the comical antics including the Bill Tapping, Once a pair starts, every one close by wants to join in. This was certainly  a Brilliant ending to a lovely day.

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