Sunday, 24 April 2011

Ring Ouzel in the hand to an Easter Dance

All Morning, myself and Lyndsay finnished off getting the guests bedrooms ready for when we get our first visitors at the start of May. It looks like we are going to have a busy month ahead but June looks alot worse which is the height of the Seabird season. Just before Lunch, David brought back a female Ring Ouzel which he caught in Double Dyke that meant everyone was late for Chris's tasty lunch. Afternoon saw me sneaking back into the kitchen to make the islands' speciality 'Fair Isle Peat', Two massive trays were made which was a big hit at the dance of where our JHMF volunteer Joe had a record 14 pieces. You need to experience Peat to find out why it tastes so good! By 7pm, just as the islanders arrive, Rory (an ex-FIBO Ranger) told me that they trapped a Mallard and they have it in the bird room, It turns out this female was a retrap and it had been ringed in 1998 or before, Making it out to be at least 13 years old! It was released back where it was caught where I saw it again the following day. The Easter Dance was a good success where young kids as young as 15 months were showing off there moves on the dance floor. A great big thanks should go to the musicans Neil (guitar/banjo?), Lisa (flute/fiddle),Stuart 'senior' (fiddle) and young Stuart (accoridian). I have put in a request to Neil to play a Jimmy Henrix song 'Little Wings' which was covered by the fantastic Irish band 'The Corrs'. Hopefully he will play it in July when the Tall ships come in!........We are lookiing forward to it!!!

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